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Multistone Refinishing

Refinishing Color Choice Gallery

Please browse from over 70+ color choices below and choose your favorite for your new bathroom or kitchen.  Note:  Appearances may vary due to your monitor / screen display.  Our physical samples are much nicer-looking!  Simply complete our request form and we will arrange a free in-home visit to show you how nice they really are.


Do we deliver quality results?  Absolutely from Bathtub refinishing to Multistone Refinishing of your kitchen counters we deliver quality and professionalism.  “Our Training, Professional Equipment, Quality Control, and Experienced Staff is why our team has made it to the top of Angie’s List with their Super Service Award and are regarded by many as an Industry Expert.”

Multistone Resurfacing vs. Repalcing

Apartments, townhouses, rentals and starter homes are typically built with inexpensive countertops which are installed in sections. Where these sections meet a seam is formed and they look fine for awhile. As time goes by cheaper countertops tend to stain, burn and chip and that tolerable seem becomes an eyesore filled with miniscule traces of dirt and food your dishtowel can’t reach. If your reading this, you no doubt are looking for something other than another cheap countertop to repeat the process all over again. If your in the rental business, you know that looks sell, and replacing countertops, even cheap ones every 7 years is not good for your maintenance costs. The Good News is you came to the right place.

Before Multistone refinishingToday Protech Repair & Restoration makes it possible to have the one piece countertop look without the removal of your old countertop. In most cases there is nothing structurally wrong with your countertop, so why replace the whole thing over staining, chipping and an unsightly seam line? That’s almost like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Countertop resurfacing is far cheaper and better, here is why.

When we are resurfacing countertops, we begin by prepping them. We exhaustively clean and prep them for the new surface coating. So this process fills in the dips, dents, dings and scratches. We then treat for better adhesion and when all is just right we apply a new surface over the exisiting surface. So your structure stays intact. The unsightly seams that came with the new kitchen are covered over and appear to no longer exist. The result of countertop resurfacing is a like new, one piece appearance. And with fantastic durability, without fading, cracking, staining or chipping. And your countertops never were removed, we leave no mess and were in and out in a day.

There are only two questions you should have to ask yourself;After Multistone Refinishing

  1. How quickly can you get someone to stop by your house to show you actual finished samples so you can get started?
  2. By saving a small fortune on resurfacing countertops vs. replacing, what new kitchen upgrade will be be able to get?

We are your neighbors, and our reputation is built on our service, product and warranty. Good products and services don’t require high pressure sales tactics, they sell themselves, so don’t expect high pressure sales from us, we never learned the art of doing them.

While your online and on this page its a good time to fill in the Free In-Home Estimate form on the left and take a look at the samples. We look forward to meeting you.

Benefits of Multistone Refinishing

ProTech Repair and Restoration has developed a proprietary coating system which brings both new looks and new durability to your kitchen. The term “Multistone Refinishing” is appropriate because when the new finish is complete it will have a striking similarity to a one-piece stone countertop. There is a good chance that one of our huge selection of Multistone Color patterns above will be a perfect match for your kitchen color scheme. And as with real stone, the patterns help tie it all together.

If you’ve ever priced solid stone countertops like marble or granite, you know its a small fortune.  So for less then the price of a new laminate countertop you get the look of stone, with vastly improved durability over laminate.  So while its not Natural Stone Refinishing,  Price is a huge benefit of Multistone Refinishing on your kitchen counters.

Multistone Refinishing beyond the Kitchen

When people hear about refinishing, they often associated it with refinishing a table, or refinishing stone floors and of course kitchen counters, but the beauty of  the unique spray on Multistone Refinishing System is it has applications  outside of the kitchen.

Other places besides kitchen counters which are ideal subjects for Multistone Refinishing include  kitchen tile, bathroom showers, bathtubs, fireplace tile, and more!

See Multistone Refinishing Project Videos