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Low VOC regulations inspire manufacturers to be environmentally friendly



ProTech’s Multistone Countertops Systems is dedicated to delivering resurfacing renovations for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We’re proudly entering our 20th year of business and have provided resurfacing solutions for thousands of homeowners. Please look through this information to better understand our services then check our Countertop Refinishing Reviews on Angie’s List and give us a call for a free no pressure estimate at (919) 834-7466

What Exactly Do We do?

ProTech Repair and Restoration specializes in resurfacing countertops right in your home as an alternative to new replacement. Again, we do not replace countertops – instead were resurfacing countertops, giving new life to existing surfaces. For example, our unique spray-on Multistone Resurfacing System can give your outdated countertops the look of granite for much less than the cost of replacement. We also resurface kitchen tile, bathroom showers, bathtubs, fireplace tile, and more!

Countertop BEFORE Multistone Resurfacing

Countertop BEFORE – Click to Enlarge

With Multistone Resurfacing Your Kitchen Countertops:

  • You will have no “seam” or “brown lines”.
  • It will costs less than half of installed laminate and only a quarter of the cost of granite.
  • Your existing issues like burns, chips, and loose laminate can be repaired and eliminated !
  • Without the ugly seems to catch dirt, your kitchen might look better than new with the Multistone resurfacing system applied.
Countertop AFTER Multistone Resurfacing

Countertop AFTER Resurfacing – Click to Enlarge

Countertop BEFORE Mutistone Resurfacing

BEFORE Countertop Resurfacing – Click to Enlarge

Countertop AFTER Multistone Resurfacing

AFTER Countertop Resurfacing – Click to Enlarge

Our Kitchen Countertop Refinishing System

ProTech Repair and Restoration has developed a proprietary coating system to modernize various surfaces in your home without the need for messy, ongoing renovations. After repairs and a deep cleansing, the coating process begins with the application of a special adhesion coat to bond to the existing surface. Following the adhesion coat is the aesthetic coat – the colors and designs of your choice! The final step is the application of 3 – 5 layers (each with a different purpose) of UV curable clear coats for the ultimate in stain resistance and protection.

ProTech Repair and Restoration was the first residential refinishing company in the Triangle to begin to use UV cured coatings. In the past, UV curable coatings were more commonly used in the manufacturing of various goods. We’ve dedicated significant resources to modify them for use in our system as they offer the installation technician, homeowner, and the environment many advantages. For example, these coatings are solvent free, isocyanate free, and very low in VOCS. Although these UV coatings are more expensive than traditional coatings, they are also more durable and cure instantly for minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Resurfacing versus Replacing

Our resurfacing system provides a new look to countertops, tiles, bathtubs, cultured marble, and many other surfaces without the high costs of removal and installation. When comparing resurfacing to new installation, be sure to calculate all costs. New countertops may require a new backsplash (tile or drywall), a plumber to both remove and replace your sink, disposal fees, etc. in addition to the cost and installation of the actual countertop. With resurfacing you may avoid many of these costs and get the modern new look but at a savings of 30-60%!