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Commercial Services

Protech’s Commercial Services

ProTech Repair & Restoration offers Commercial Services for Raleigh and the Triangle area commercial contractors, housing management companies, real estate and insurance professionals. Our reputation for quick turnaround with professional results is only surpassed by our cost saving alternative solutions to standard demolition and remodels.

Don’t be surprised if we can save you enough money to cover the cost of our work.   Let ProTech’s Commercial Services offer you options!


Inquire about our cleaning / restoration / re-grouting / re-caulking service! This might be exactly what you need!

Contractor faced with replacing Old Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor - Before pic

Contractor faced with replacing Old Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor – Before pic

Old Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor - Before

Contractor faced with Old Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floor replacement – Before pic

Ceramic Tile Floor - After with Grips Floor Refinishing System

Protech’s Commercial Services solution for Ceramic Tile Floor – After with Grips Floor Refinishing System

Ceramic Tile Floor - After with Grips Floor Refinishing System

Protech’s Commercial Services Ceramic Tile Floor Solution – After Pic with Grips Floor Refinishing System


While its true Protech Repair & Restoration is an industry leader in refinishing, resurfacing, cleanup and restoration of bathrooms, kitchens, tiles and flooring, did you know that we might be even more valuable to you before you win the job?

In fact, our working with you from the initial site inspection could help you to bid more accurately and win more bids.  How so?

Consider a bathroom being remodeled for updating or tenant damage where the structure essentially remains the same. Very few construction crews specialize in resurfacing anything other than sheetrock.  For the most part, its replacement.  Replacement of bathtub, surround or shower enclosure.  Replacement of tiles, flooring, sinks and toilets.

These replacements could typically require plumbers, electricians, sheetrock finishers, tile and floor installers to name a few.

Then there is the cost of the replacement parts, the prepping to install, the installation, the finishing, and cleanup.  If your off on your initial assessment it can wipe out any profit from the job.  But at the same time you need to bid low enough to win the bid.  So tell you something you don’t already know, right?

Protech Repair & Restoration Commercial ServicesProtech Repair & Restoration is a company which specializes in resurfacing. That means we are familiar with the inspection requirements to know whether or not the bathtub CAN-BE resurfaced or has to be replaced.  This is a critical step that starts with a positive identification of the bathtub your dealing with.   Does the bathtub surround require replacement or will some of today’s newest innovations make it as good as replacement?  The wall and floor tile, the counter and sink, can those be repaired instead of replaced.  As specialist, Protech’s Commercial Services working with you at the initial assessment, we can give you the information to make the most accurate bid, and with our replacement alternatives we can help you make the most competitive bid.

These two factors alone can win you more jobs and keep more money in your pocket.  Money isn’t always the whole equation either, sometimes time is a critical factor and we can help there as well with most resurfacing and refinishing work taking 1-2 days.  Consider a bathtub refinishing over replacement.  We can do the job in a day, with minimal staffing whereas a replacement calls for several skill sets, lots of time, a mess to cleanup plus the cost of the replacement fixtures.

Note:  The above example only addressed the bathroom, most contractors handle many parts of a remodel or restoration project with the bathroom being only one element.  But for that one element it only makes sense that the people who are some of the best specialist in the industry could deliver the most accurate cost analysis as well as perform the work at very competitive rates for you.

Put Protech’s Commercial Services to work for you get the competitive edge from initial assessment to job sign-off.  Contact Us today and lets win some bids.

 Protech Repair & Restoration’s Contractor Pricing

We’ve been in the restoration business for 20+ years and during that time we’ve honed our commercial services to the needs of the contractors we’ve grown with, this is why so many contractors prefer working with Protech Repair & Restoration inc.

This hand in glove approach has the added benefit of special contractor pricing, after all frequency and familiarity should have its benefits.


Commercial Services and Housing Management

Protech Repair & Restoration shines on Angies List with Super Service  Award2010There is probably no better friend to Housing Management and maintenance companies than Protech Repair & Restoration. Our repair & restoration services save you tons of money with extremely fast response and turnaround times.  If your waiting for repairs to complete your not renting, so time really is money.

Our Commercial Services client base in the housing management sector currently includes hotels, motels,  apartment complexes, co-ops, retirement communities, nursing homes and hospitals  throughout the Triangle.

If you would like to join our ranks of satisfied regular clients, we invite you to contact us now for more information on our commercial services provisions for everything from floor and wall tiles and kitchen counters to shower & bathtub refinishing.

Real Estate Entities Benefit from Protech Commercial Services

“Like New” homes fetch more money than those looking like fixer-uppers.  There is no better value in the home remodeling industry than the resurfacing of kitchen counters, tile floors, bathroom tubs, shower enclosures and sinks.  The affordable and top quality services provided by us appeal greatly to Real Estate Agents, Staging Companies, Interior Design Companies, For Sale By Owners, and more.

For Sale by Owners – Contact Protech Repair & Restoration Commercial Services  in the Raleigh North Carolina and the Triangle Area via our Free In-Home Estimate form on the upper left of this page for everything from bathtub refinishing to floor tile resurfacing.