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Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing

Professional Bathtub Refinishing Made Easy For You!

ProTech’s Bathtub Refinishing Service Costs

With ProTech Repair & Restoration, Inc., tile and bath tub refinishing, you know you are getting the best service possible. We don’t take shortcuts. We do the job right and get it all done in one day, minimizing your inconvenience and returning your bathroom to service as quickly as possible.

• Bathtub Reglazing lowers your bathroom remodeling costs

• You will see visible results in just ONE day

• Increase your home’s appeal to buyers, renters, or yourself

• Leave more money in your pocket!

BEFORE Bath tub refinishing by ProTech Repair and Restoration AFTER Bath tub refinishing by ProTech Repair and Restoration

Bath tub Refinishing Before & After

Standard Bath Tub Refinishing Service for Alcove Tubs
Cost to Refinish Bathtub – Now Just $395.00

Strip out the old caulk from around the tub. (Excessive or silicone caulk removal additional charge).

  • Chemically clean the tub and lightly sand it .
  • Etch the tub removing the old finish leaving it dull and ready to prime. This step is key!
  • Repair minor chips using a special patching compound, usually 100% free of additional cost.
  • Sand and blend the patched areas and sterilize the entire tub.
  • Mask off the work area, including the floor.
  • Set-up our hot turbine air compressor and remote air supply.
  • Mix our 3-part chemical primer, including a powerful bonding agent designed to bond to all surfaces.
  • Spray 2-3 coats of primer and allow it to dry.
  • Smooth the tub and install your custom incorporated anti-slip grip base (optional).
  • Mix our 2-part topcoat consisting of a catalyst and resign, let it induct and prepare to spray the topcoat.
  • Spray the tub giving you a total of five coats leaving you with amazing like-new results.
  • Clean up and remove the masking and pack up our equipment.
  • Re-caulk where applicable (standard white or biscuit).
  • Inspect final bathtub refinishing process.
Easy to care for and clean. Bathtub refinishing gives you a fresh and clean surface that will bring back that brand-new look and feel to your bathroom surfaces! Your Bathtub and Tile will be easy to clean and maintain.You’ll have a durable, hygienic, sanitary finish, and you’ll feel pride in your bathroom again.It really makes your life easier!

Premium Bathtub Refinishing Service
Now Just $525.00

In addition to above Standard Service You Would Receive

  • Drain and overflow cover removal and/or replacement (standard extraction). This includes Chrome, Brass, and Brushed Nickel only.
  • Spray the tub giving you a total of six or more coats leaving you with amazing like-new results.
  • Clear coating, if requested, gives a richer gloss finish and provides extra protection.
  • Smooth the tub and install your custom incorporated anti-slip grip base (included).

Additional deep buff / polishing of final cured surface.

If you would like to schedule an estimate please contact us today at (919) 834-7466. We look forward to turning your old bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams.

Our pledges to you:
• You will get great service on the day promised
• You will never clean up after us
• Your home will be protected
• You will see the quality of our work, especially in the details
• You will benefit from the longest Warranty in the Business
• We will not use sub-contractors
• We will be Fully Insured
• Every employee will demonstrate complete professionalism at all times


Please note: Customers will be responsible for other additional cost/services associated or sometimes necessary for completion in addition to standard or premium service per your agreement. These are as follows but not limited to: extra cleaning, excessive caulk/silicone removal, coating(s) removal, rusted services, excessive repairs, surface erosion, grout/caulk replacement, any plumbing issues, shower door removal/replacement/reinstall, extra mask or surface protection, liner removal, tile or wall repair or replacement, moisture removal, buffing,foam support, reinforcement, repairs, defects, touch ups, multiple trips, etc.