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Acrylic Bath Systems

(Standard Tub and 3 Wall System) $2995.00

Acrylic Bath Systems are a Remodeling Dream Come True!

Acrylic Bath Systems are the perfect solution for bathtubs and showers which have seen better days.  Who wants to rip and tear apart their bathroom making a mess of their house for days?

ProTech Repair & Restoration, Inc. has a better alternative,  Acrylic Bath Systems.  The use of Acrylic in bathrooms is one of the newest innovations in the remodeling industry, and for good reason.  These systems allow the installer to add  a custom molded bathtub  or shower over your existing fixtures with no mess, no odor, and in just a few hours.

Acrylic Bath Systems have a durable acrylic surface which will not chip, dent, crack, or peel and is completely colorfast – it will not stain, yellow, or fade. It is warm to the touch with a beautiful high-gloss finish and, since there is no grout lines to clean or maintain, general household cleaners can be used with confidence.

Acrylic Bath Systems Color Choices

Acrylic Bath Liner Color Choices - Almond, White, Biscuit, Gray, Pewter, Pearl

Acrylic Bath Systems Solutions (Molded Bathliner)

At ProTech Repair & Restoration, Inc., we offer our acrylic bathliner in several solid colors: Almond, White, Biscuit, Gray, Pewter or Pearl. Wall systems are available with the following colors: White, Almond, Biscuit, Gray, Almond-White marble, Silver-White marble, White marble, Gray granite, White granite, and Beige granite. A full line of accessories is also available, such as soap dishes, corner caddies, full-length corner shelves, end caps, shower doors, as well as others. We use the thickest acrylic tub sheet in the industry, .280″ for all form front and 1/4″ for all extra-deep bathtubs.

Before installing an acrylic custom molded bathtub system, the most important aspect is tub identification.  All identification is cross-checked by seasoned and experienced professional installer. We do not ID tubs until we are 100% confident that it is the correct tub. Please call us for full details.


The concept is simple and the result is unbelievable! A highly trained ProTech technician installs the new custom-molded acrylic bath systems tub and wall sheet over your existing bathtub and walls without disturbing plumbing, floors, or walls. The result is a low-cost innovation without the mess of replacement! The durable acrylic surface will not chip, crack, or peel and is completely colorfast. It will not stain, yellow, or fade. It is warm to the touch and has a beautiful mirror-like, high-gloss finish with no grout lines to clean.

Acrylic Bath Systems BEFORE Protech RemodelingAcrylic Bath Systems AFTER Protech Remodeling

Benefits of  Acrylic Bath Systems

Affordable – A fraction of the cost of replacement.

Convenient – Your bathroom is ready for use the very next day.

Clean – Avoid construction mess, debris, and clean-up costs.

Durable – Will not chip, peel, and is extremely scratch resistant.

Accessories – Grab bars, shelf caddies, soap dishes, the crescent rod, drains and overflow covers, etc.

For a no-obligation estimate please contact us today. We look forward to turning your old bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams!  (919) 834-7466